Monday, March 26, 2007

Chapter One: Welcome to The Lit Snob

Tuesday Night at The Lit Snob various reading by great new authors! Eight o'clock sharp.

Zoom in on a new store front in educated suburban America. Books that are too cool for school line the front window beckoning with their wisdom and entertainment. Questioning, "Don't you want to be in the know?" Everything gleams with new varnish. The tiles on the floor are slippery and on Monday the aged Mrs. Darson almost fell to a shatter tail bone while transiting from the mystery to the biography section. The overly push, underly comfortable chairs have yet to be stained with the overpriced Starbucks-esque coffee sold with slightly stale muffins at the drink counter in the corner.

The place is packed with co-eds, middle aged people looking to have stimulated youthful minds, and Mrs. Darson who decided that after all she wouldn't sue.

An overly dressed man wearing a sweater and a jacket speaks.

"Welcome to The Lit Snob's first reading of the year. This Tuesday and every Tuesday at eight, local and visiting writers will grace us with their words of wisdom.

"Tonight, Bartholomew Fellow and Tri-Country Cobalt Metal winning author Donald Collins will read from his new work Into the Mud House. Donald's career has spanned two decades. He is heralded by the Local Herald as 'a new voice in this cold millennium.' The Hamilton Daily Troubadour hails Donald as 'a truly timeless, unique, and selfless voice in American fiction.' His new book, which he wrote while abroad in Italy, explores the American family from an outsiders perspective illuminating traits about modern humanity. So, without further ado, here is Donald Collins."

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