Sunday, April 8, 2007

Chapter Seven: The Promise of Salisbury Steak

It was all very depressing. Mrs. Darson stood outside the Lit Snob with rainwater streaming off of her glasses. She hat forgotten her late husband's rain-hat, which she always wore. Naturally, that had put her day off quite a bit. And now this.

"Reading canceled for this week due to lack of reader. Sorry of the inconvenance." Todd, the dolt!, had spelled inconvenience wrong in his anxiety. That mixed with bad news and the lack of a rain-hat put poor Mrs. Darson over the edge. Tears of frustration mixed with streaming rainwater. People passed and did not notice. They just thought that Mrs. Darson was wet and reading a sign. They were walking quickly in the rain. Had they slowed their hurried footsteps they would have noticed not so much that Mrs. Darson was upset - it would have still been hard to tell with all the water - but that Mrs. Darson was taking a particularly long time reading a very brief sign. No one noticed.

It was all very depressing, thought Mrs. Darson. She headed back to her car avoiding puddles and overflowing drains by nature not practicality. She was quite soaked.

In the first bit of fortunate luck in the day, according to Mrs. Darson, the car was still warm and turning up the fan to high produced quite the warm atmosphere. Her glasses began to fog. So did the windshield of the Volvo. Mrs. Darson did not care; she was comfortable for the first time all day.

Well there was television to be watched at home. Despite being an avid attender of the Lit Snob readings, Mrs. Darson did enjoy herself some good TV, as she liked to put it. She even had the premium channels. Even HBO. Mrs. Darson liked Sex and the City quite a lot, liked it with all the sex in it for that matter, not the watered-down crap they put on TBS - a station she felt was definitely not all that funny. There was a Salisbury steak Banquet dinner in the fridge. Mrs. Darson could almost taste the fake mashed potatoes.

Fine the day has been lousy and the reading canceled but she had a fine night planned indeed.

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